About Us

Click here for our up-to-date news and SUMMER NEWSLETTER, keeping you abreast of the exciting work going on, in and around Great Yarmouth and also introducing Amilcar, our Youth Evangelist (for those who don’t know him –  he has been around since Easter). We have since introduced our second Youth Evangelist, praise God. He is Zach and we’re very excited to see what God is going to do through these men.

One matter currently exercising the Trustees’ thought process is the need to raise additional funds to keep the work going. We have a great group of regular financial supporters which, with the cushion of a large one-off financial gift in 2014, has meant that we have not had to ask for more – and it would not have been right to do so.

However, things have now changed; money has been used up, paying workers’ salaries and we now do need to raise funds. Current projections show that our annual expenditure will exceed our income by around 12,000 pounds. I hasten to add that this is a projection over a one-year budget only. God will provide – He always has.

If you do not already give but do have a heart for young people in Great Yarmouth please will you consider  becoming a regular giver? Click here for our Donation Form and here for our Gift Aid authorisation to facilitate that calling if you can.

Many small amounts add up. A fiver a month x loads of people = a fantastical amount.

Thank you again for your prayerful support

Ali, Nigel, Stuart and Matt

And now, this:

You will notice that many things are changing for East Norfolk Youth for Christ over the last two years: new worker, new office, new school/academy. You may also notice that this website has a new logo, because we’re not the only ones who are doing a new thing: National Youth for Christ has undergone an exciting re-brand. The journey has not been about getting a shiny new logo but has been about re-discovering our identity as a ministry and being clear on the story we tell as “One Youth for Christ” across Britain. It has been about the depth of Youth for Christ, not the surface. We continue to seek to do this by showing Jesus in a way which is relevant to every young person; through our centre we continue to demonstrate the love of God, declare who Jesus is, encourage a decision to follow Him and disciple young people to live their lives to the full. We don’t believe we should stay in our buildings, we believe we are called to go. We believe we are called to re-think how things are done and we believe the time has come to do things differently. We are still about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus. For more information see https://yfc.co.uk/ourstory/ 

Our History

We are a Christian youthwork charity founded in 2006.

We’re one of over 60 chartered centres of British Youth for Christ, operating in towns and cities across the UK. Our head office (in Halesowen, West Midlands) provides support staff, national mission teams and more to help us in our work. Youth for Christ was launched in Britain in 1946 by the evangelist Billy Graham, whose original vision statement was: “Geared to the times, anchored to the Rock”. Youth for Christ is aiming to work with “a million young people every month by 2020″.

Our Mission

We’re about seeing young peoples’ lives changed by Jesus.

What we do

We are involved in organizing a wide range of youth events; pastoral care in high school; setting up and supporting youth groups and leaders.


Charity Information

East Norfolk Youth for Christ is a registered charity number:1118022 


Mrs Alison Roberts


Mr Nigel Parrott

Mr Matthew Woollard-Kingston

Mr Stuart Hanks