About Us

We’re about seeing young peoples’ lives changed by Jesus.

How do we see young people’s lives changed?

By showing Jesus in a way which is relevant to every young person in Norwich and the surrounding areas.

Demonstrate. Discuss. Choose.

We believe that every young person deserves the best in life and we aim to work alongside them wherever they are.

This involves helping an individual achieve their full potential, become complete, know their worth and what they can achieve.

It also involves giving them the tools that will help them make informed decisions about their ethical framework and their world-view.

As a faith based organisation, we aim to demonstrate the love of God to the young people we work with,  we discuss the gospel of Jesus in relevant ways and we support young people who choose to be a disciple of Jesus.

Our History

We are a Christian youthwork charity founded in 2006.

East Norfolk Youth for Christ is part of the national movement of Youth for Christ and is one of over 60 centres across the UK. As a family of centre’s, we work with each other and share resources, but are locally funded.

All of East Norfolk Youth for Christ’s funding comes from its own supporters, largely individuals and churches. We have our own set of local trustees and they govern the charity.

What We Do

We are involved in organizing a wide range of youth events; pastoral care in high school; setting up and supporting church youth groups and leaders.


Charity Information

East Norfolk Youth for Christ is a registered charity number:1118022 

Director: Nick Blanch

Youth Worker : Amilcar Fornso

Trustees: Margaret Smith (Chair)

Don Gyton

Susie Knights

Ruth Lynds

Michael Mills

Cedric Poole