We deliver projects in school that help support SMSC and the RE curriculum thus raising young people’s understanding of Christianity across schools in East Norfolk. Our programmes are engaging, creative and interactive, enabling students to see faith in a positive light while giving them opportunities to ask questions and learn about spirituality.
We have a variety of programmes with different outcomes but each project will meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • explore the meanings of Christian festivals (e.g. Easter, Christmas)
  • consider ethical issues from a faith perspective
  • meet those who practice faith and learn about its significance in their life
  • serve a specific need within the school (e.g. addressing bullying)

Most programmes are fully funded and at no cost to the school. In recent years we have been known for facilitating national band The Sense to visit local schools.

We currently support Great Yarmouth Charter Academy in a pastoral capacity and enjoy chatting with the pupils, giving them the opportunity to talk about their day over lunch, getting alongside those who are on their own or who are struggling to find friends in the early days. 



If you would like us to visit your school, please get in contact.